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SSL (dan TLS) adalah protokol standar Web untuk mengenkripsi komunikasi antara pengguna. Data yang dikirim melalui sambungan SSL dilindungi oleh enkripsi, suatu mekanisme yang mencegah eavesdropping dan sabotase data yang ditransmisikan.
You must generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on your webserver. Click here for help generating your CSR. When you have created your CSR you may continue with the enrollment.

After you have generated a CSR using your server software copy and paste the CSR text using an ASCII text editor into the CSR box below. Your CSR should look something like this:

(more encoded data).......
1. Copy and paste your CSR into this box:
2. Select the server software used to generate the CSR:
3. Select the subscription period for your certificate: 90 days
Note: You will be licensed to use this Certificate on an unlimited number of servers.
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Data on your company will be retrieved from IdAuthority where available to assist you with the signup.
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