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Generate CSR di c2Net Stronghold

Untuk generate Certificate Signing Request (CSR), Ikuti steps berikut:

  1. Enter the Stronghold Configuration Manager.

  2. Select New Key Generation to create a new key file.

  3. Enter key size (either 512 or 1024 bits) and follow instructions for generating the random data. 1024 bits is the recommended key size.

    **** Note: The encryption key size (512 bit, 1024 bit) has nothing to do with the actual session key (128 bit, 40 bit)

  4. When creating a CSR you must follow these conventions. 
    Enter the Distinguished Name Field information.
    The following characters can not be accepted: < > ~ ! @ # $ % ^ * / \ ( ) ?. &

  5. Thekey pair will be generated and saved in the file: strongholdserverroot/private/hostname.key.

    example: /usr/local/stronghold/private/www.something.com.key

  6. Edit this file to extract the CSR data to send to us. This is the text beginning with
    "-----BEGIN NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----" up to and including the text "-----END NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----".

  7. Submit the CSR by pasting it from the file above. You will be asked to complete the agreement and the enrollment form as well.

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